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    Unanswered: Database Question

    Here is my problem. I obtain large .csv text files and the file contains repeating groups (I think each is either 115 or 121 items). What I need is a way to import the file into an application, populate a row with whatever number of values I am working with (lets say 115) and then continue until eof.

    Example.. I get the file with 445 items. I need the application to import the data, and it would create three rows with 115 fields in each.

    I tried to use Excel and then Access, but not very experienced. The point that I get hung up on is limiting the number of items per row. Otherwise, the apps simply import the data and try and create one row with all the fields which doesn't do me any good.

    Is there an existing application out there that would handle this, or would a better idea be to have someone try writing a small app to do it in Access or similar database?

    Thanks for any replies!

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    I'm not sure to understand how you create the relationship between the number of lines into the file and the number of rows and columns into the destination table.

    Moreover you do not specify the structure of the file which makes impossible to propose any concrete solution.
    Have a nice day!

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