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    Unanswered: how to $_GET multiple values

    Is there an easy way to $_GET multiple values from the url:
    The reason I ask is because I want to add more to this later on such as:
    PHP Code:
    This is how it's interpreted so far:
    PHP Code:
    $bk=isset($_GET["book".$no]) ? $_GET["book".$no] : "";
    $ch=isset($_GET["chapter".$no]) ? $_GET["chapter".$no] : "";
    $vs=isset($_GET["verse".$no]) ? $_GET["verse".$no] : "";
    $source=isset($_GET["source".$no]) ? $_GET["source".$no] : "";
    $SourceName=Array("King James""Masoretic Text""Masoretic No Vowels""Textus Receptus");
    $i=0$i<count($SourceTable); $i++){
    $sql "SELECT * FROM ".$SourceTable[$i]." WHERE book = '".$bk."' AND chapter= '".$ch."'";
    $vs != 'all'){
    $sql .= " AND verse= '".$vs."'";
    $sql .= " ORDER BY id ASC";
    //echo $sql;

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    the get variable will only come in as you have named them
    so prepending book will not work unless the variabel sint eh get stream are also called book

    look at the code you typed
    you have several items itjn he stream all called 'no' how are you expecting PHP to handle that, which 'no' is the right 'no'

    what you should do is five each element a unique name and then examine that variabel to see if its set.
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    Submit your values as an array.

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