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    Database cost question

    Hello everyone, first post here, I'll try to keep it short and sweet.
    (Not sure if this is the appropriate forum to ask in)

    I'm developing a database/website for my university's student-run newspaper.

    Its function is to allow the employees to manage their equipment rentals, staff, and stories/assignments.

    The database will be implemented with MySQL, and accessed via php.
    The website will be implemented with javascript, css, and php, and have features like auto-updating drop down lists, form submission, and a bunch of different possibilities for viewing information.

    I'm taking care of the database/php portion of it, and my roommate is building the website.

    We're doing this pro bono, as he works at the newspaper, and I'm always fishing for resume boosters going into my senior year.

    I've put about 30 hours into it so far since we began discussing it last week, and he's at about 20. We're looking at probably double that time at least to build it to completion.

    The system would eliminate the need for tens of thousands of hard copy sheets of paper, and vastly simplify managing the day to day activities of the newspaper and employees.

    It's a pretty large undertaking for the two of us, and we got to wondering how much a project like this would normally cost if we'd planned on charging for it (or if you were charging for it).

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