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    Unanswered: Data Mirrioing Or Log Shipping.

    Hello all,

    i am new to dbforums n recently have taken project that needs high data is my 1st ever project.

    it is an banking application and has MS SQL Server as back end.

    so please if any suggestion that what will be better solution for the same, Database Mirroring or Log shipping ?

    also one from the above option will be accompanied with fail over cluster.

    please help.

    thanks n regards,

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    SQL Server Version ?

    What about Cluster Environment and Replication ?

    In Cluster environment Database Server move automatically from 1 to another as you added in a cluster 1,2,.... etc

    In Replication,Replicate any single transaction to another Server,if this application development on DotNet 3.5 framework then you can define Fail over IP in the connection string,application move automatically on the second replicate server,otherwise you have to stop the application then change the connection string then start the application then i will work

    In cluster environment you dont need to change any thing on the application side as well as database server side

    Database mirroring is better than log shipping,In Database mirroring you have required PRIMARY SERVER,WITNESS SERVER and SECONDARY SERVER which one is going to mirror of the primary server,If Primary server failed and you have a witness server also then this will give owner ship to the Secondary node but you have to change on the application side if application doesnt support failover ip in the connection string.You can create with witness server as well but you have to give ownership manually to the secondary server to start transactions

    In Log shipping environment if you have heavy logs on a server then you will have problem of to send this heavy transation log over a network


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    thank you sir ( Mr. SJahanzaib) for ur valuable guidance.

    it's SQL Server 2008.

    and we are configuring failover cluster which we have to accompany with one of suitable from Database mirroring or Log shipping.

    is there any sort performance impact on the server using this technology and if yes then how costly each of them will be.

    here i would like to mention that our senior team has decided to go with Log Shipping but final decision depends upon some more studies, which even i think is not a proper solution.

    thanks again sir, n if u could provide some more information related to this will be most welcome.

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