I created new database and I want to compare his performance to Microsoft SQL.

This is the test that I did over my db.

When running 100 threads that 33 of them updating, 34 of them creating new raws and 33 of them reading data, the reading process is done with less then 100 milliseconds, from 5M raws of data.
CPU is jumping between 19% and 45%, RAM usage is 230M.

I been running the test for 1 hour. Can't calculate the writing speed yet, I guess that it will be not higher then 300 milliseconds max, but it will be tested latter.

My testing machine is:

Win 7 64 bit.
4GB Ram
Processor Intel 2.5GHz Quad CPU

Can you please do same test with SQL server and tell me the results, I am curios what will be the differences, between those too.