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    Unanswered: Use Address Database in another database

    I have many databases that have personal information tables. I would like to create a central personal information database from which the other databases can get the information from so that if an address is changed in one database I don't have to go to the other databases and change the address information there also.

    How can I make this happen?

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    Use linked tables in the client databases, that will refer to the c.p.i. database storing the actual data. File --> Get External Data --> Link Tables
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    I would consider consolidating them. And then using 1 table.

    To do so you first normalize them so they all have the same fields (with the same field properties)....they may already - but you want to check this first.

    Then decide which you wish to make into the new master table and generate a series of AppendQueries that will write i.e. Table 2 onto Table 1, Table 3 onto Table 1, Table 4 onto Table 1.

    .....making Table 1 the master. Then delete the others, and link every Front end or db to Table 1

    hope it helps.
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    Linked Tables to another Database

    Thank you for your replies. Linking worked just like I need it to.

    Have a great day!

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