Just to clarify, I am no expert programmer by any means. I'm a senior college student trying to help a non-profit with some reporting...

I am using Access 2007, and VBA to run a report to Excel. The SQL statement I used looks like this:

aSQL = "SELECT tblBasicDemographics.LastName, tblBasicDemographics.FirstName, tblClientAddresses.County, tbl_ChildAttendance.ClientNumber, tbl_ChildAttendance.AttDate, tbl_ChildAttendance.ChildProgram, tbl_ChildAttendance.Time1In, tbl_ChildAttendance.Time1Out, tbl_ChildAttendance.Time2In, tbl_ChildAttendance.Time2Out, tbl_ChildAttendance.Status FROM (tbl_ChildAttendance INNER JOIN tblBasicDemographics ON tbl_ChildAttendance.ClientNumber=tblBasi… INNER JOIN tblClientAddresses ON tblBasicDemographics.ClientNumber=tblCli… WHERE (tbl_ChildAttendance.AttDate BETWEEN #FiscalStart# AND #FiscalEnd#)"

The FiscalStart and FiscalEnd are both text boxes in the form with a Short Date format (also I used an autopicker to select the date). For some reason everytime I try to run the report I get the error:

"Run-time error '3075':

Syntax error in date in query expression '(tbl_ChildAttendance.AttDate BETWEEN #FiscalStart# AND #FiscalEnd#'.

If you need to see all of my code (quite a bit) let me know.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!