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    Red face Unanswered: Connect MS-ACCESS to MySql

    Hello everyone,

    I wonder if someone can help, i'm new to MySQL and to RDBMS, i've Created a small database with a GUI tool (DbSchema) and i want to be able to connect with MS-ACCESS to the database and i don't know how, i was reading on some forums that i'll need to install some drivers, but i didn't quite understand why, because i already have the MySQL on my machine and i just one to connect locally.


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    MS Access does permit connections to other databases using ODBC. You will need to download the connector for this and then configure the connection in Windows Data Sources. I did this once a long time ago with Oracle but cannot remember the actual steps. In any case to download the ODBC connector have a look here
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    Thanks for the replay, i did that but the problem is that the driver is not displayed in MS-ACCESS 2003.
    Any other ideas?


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