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    Unanswered: Help in ingres algorithm

    hii all,
    Please help me solve the ingres algorithm example.
    I appologise if i am making a new thread which already exist.
    Which is good book to learn concepts of transsaction mgmt and distributed concurrenct ctrl.
    I am preparing for my advance database concepts exam from university of pune.

    Q.apply ingres to foll query and ilustrarate the successive deachment and substitutions by giving mono relation sub queries generated.

    select ename,sal
    from emp,asg,proj,pay
    where emp.eno=asg.eno
    and emp.title=pay.title
    and budget > 200000
    or dur=24
    and asg.pno=proj.pno

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    This forum is for Postgres, not Ingres

    And I don't understand what your question is either.

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