Hello. I'm a rural family doc working in the poorest county in Virginia. I care for babies to seniors and have to put on multiple hats, even as the network admin. I have very little knowledge about things non-medical. But I did take time to read the FAQ and the only real thing I understood was to not try to cheat on exam questions here. This is not one of those.

That's just the background. I am in need of help from those that know more about getting Lytec to work correctly. We have been using Lytec Professional 2006. Server has Small Business Server 2003. Workstations have XP Pro. I needed to reinstall Lytec to a workstation that had died. Repaired the computer and it is basically in a reborn state but needed to reinstall Lytec -- still with XP Pro. Installed and on first run it brought up a pop up box saying (I don't remember exactly) that something on the workstation did not match (I guess when compared to the data on the server) and did I want to keep the old setting. I just clicked yes thinking I did not want to change anything then it kept asking me that for different things I guess that did not match. I just kept quickly checking to keep the old without reading what it was -- in all about 20-25 boxes. Then I tried to open the practice (for appointments, etc) -- it sees the practice name under file, and I think it sees the server as I see the server name, but I get a message saying "the practice you are trying to open has been updated. You must upgrade NDCLytec on this computer before you can open the practice."

I tried to get to the previous pop up boxes to check the alternative and see if that would work, but can't get there. Tried deleting Lytec and reinstalling, tried going to a restore point prior to installing Lytec then reinstalling, but the computer seems to have internalized those previous options, as I have not been able to get to those options again. That's just also a guess, I don't know even if I were to get there that I would be able to fix it.

Your help will be much appreciated. Sorry for the long question.