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    Question Unanswered: Error code 3113, can't update (field).....

    I am new for Ms access. and learn something in access from a book.

    my problem is :
    i have an update query. Previously it was working well. but to day when i run this query (after 8 months) error code 3113 is appearing.

    code of update query is :

    UPDATE Register SET Forms!RepEntryMain.NewStatus = [Register].[Status], Forms!RepEntryMain.NewNoOfParaReplied = [Register].[NoOfParaReplied]
    WHERE (((Register.RefNo)=[Forms]![RepEntryMain].[RefN].[Value]));

    here, register is the file name in which i want to update (status and NoOfParaReplied are fields)

    Forms!RepEntryMain.NewNoOfParaReplied are value of text box.

    If you want any more information kindly ask for it.

    can you tell me why error code 3113 comes
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    Error 3113 means that a field is not updatable.

    What's this query supposed to do? It seems very confusing to me. At first sight you update something (controls?, fields?) in a form using values from a table: <Form>!<Something> = <Table>.<Something> (I guess that when you say:
    register is the file name in which i want to update
    you mean that register is the name of a table).
    Have a nice day!

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    i could believe
    strSQL = "UPDATE Register SET Status = " & Forms!RepEntryMain.NewStatus & ", NoOfParaReplied = " & Forms!RepEntryMain.NewNoOfParaReplied & "
    WHERE Register.RefNo= " & [Forms]![RepEntryMain].[RefN].[Value] & ";"

    ..mind you thats assuming that none of those columns are string / text otherwise you'd need toencapsulate those values with either single or double quotes.
    WHERE Register.MyTesxtColumn = '" & [Forms]![RepEntryMain].[RefN].[Value] & "';"
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