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    Unanswered: lhelp for beginner: download and open for mysql

    hi there. after some advice in other forum i am hoping to use mysql for my new database.

    in what is not exactly the best of starts, i cannot open the mySQL programme i have downloaded! i guess i must have downloaded the wrong thing, this is the link i used:

    MySQL :: Download MySQL Community Server

    i downloaded the 64 bit msi installer.

    however after installation and configuration all i can find is mySQL Command Line Client, which when opened just looks like a DOS command screen.

    either i dont know how to open the actual database programme or i have downloaded the completely wrong thing.

    would appreciate a pointer or two, thanks!

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    sounds like you want to use a front end program

    try the mysql workbench, or heidisql | @rudydotca
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    thank you for your pointer

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