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    Unanswered: UOW Executing & UOW Waiting

    UOW Executing & UOW Waiting - How are they different? Their definition does not show it clearly or I am not getting it, could someone help me to understand? If you can give some examples, it would be great. Here are the definitions from infocenter:
    Unit of Work Executing: The database manager is executing requests on behalf of the unit of work.
    Unit of Work waiting: The database manager is waiting on behalf of the unit of work in the application. This status typically means that the system is executing in the application's code.

    what is the difference between database manager executing and the system executing? what does 'application' mean (is it DB2 or client application like Java?)


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    30+ views,but no reply... please share your understanding on UOW Executing and UOW Waiting. Thanks.

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    See some info here ->

    Example from db2pd -applications and db2pd -dynamic :

    Address            AppHandl [nod-index] NumAgents  CoorEDUID  Status                  C-AnchID C-StmtUID  L-AnchID L-StmtUID  Appid             
    0x0780000000AF0080 3973     [000-03973] 1          1544       UOW-Executing           351      1          0        0          *LOCAL.xxxxxx.110501015459                                       1           1             N                       C                       N
    0x0780000000AF0080 3973     [000-03973] 1          1544       UOW-Waiting             0        0          351      1          *LOCAL.xxxxxx.110501015459                                       1           1             N                       C                       N
    Dynamic SQL Statements:
    Address            AnchID StmtUID    NumEnv     NumVar     NumRef     NumExe     Text
    0x07000000348A03E0 351    1          1          1          1          1          SELECT substr(tabschema,1,15)
        as schema, sum(data_object_p_size) / 1024 as table_size_in_MB, sum(index_object_p_size) / 1024 as index_size_in_MB,
        sum(long_object_p_size) / 1024 as long_size_in_MB, sum(lob_object_p_size) / 1024 as lob_size_in_MB, sum(xml_object_p_size) /
        1024 as xml_size_in_MB FROM SYSIBMADM.ADMINTABINFO group by tabschema

    C-AnchID and C-StmtUID aren't empty when it's UOW Executing

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    UOW Waiting: The application (user, external interface, etc) issued a statement, the database serviced that statement to completion and the database is now waiting on the application to do something else in the same UOW. No Commit or rollback has been issued to end the UOW. Note if the last statement was a commit or rollback, then this means that a new UOW has been started and the database is waiting on the application to do something.

    UOW Execution: The application issued a statement to the database which the database is currently executing.


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    Thansk for the replies, appreciate it!

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