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    Question Unanswered: Informix .Net Provider null values on execution on reader


    I am expiriencing a strange problem that I can not solve.

    I have an application and I have made a setup of the Informix .Net provider.

    When I run my application with F5 in debugg mode everything works fine, but the same application with the same unchanged code and on the same machine doesn't work on IIS 7. When I run it on IIS 7 the Connection to database opens fine, and after executing the IfxDataReader I recieve a null value.


    Apsolutly the same code, same machine, same database and problems ???

    Can you help

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    I don't know about informix specifically but usually if you have this sort of issue in ASP.NET it's due to a credential or other configuration issue.

    What are you using for your connection string? Are you explicitly defining a username/password? Have you tried attaching to the IIS process to inspect your connection/reader and make sure it's connecting with the credentials you think it is?
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    formix .Net Provider null values on execution on reader

    You may want to check on the configuration with the user running in debug and the one running in IIS7. If you are using Informix Dynamic server then the database admin can turn on sqlexplain for the session running the asp program.

    It sounds like the connection is using multiple ports where the connection starts on one port but return the results on a different port. You may want to check the configuration as the previous user already stated.

    I hop this helps.

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