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    Unanswered: Simpleish relationship questions Access07

    I'm trying to build a database for a loyalty card company that uses network marketing. what I'm trying to capture at the moment is you can have a distribution license which lets you sign up companies and people with cards but a company can offer an discount and sell cards or you can just offer a discount or just have a card or do everything. so after staring at it for a while I've come up with this idea where the person table is just "someone we deal with / send invoices, etc." but this person is sort of [up to] three people in that they have completely separate roles.

    the thing is, a person can be signed up by a person (provided they have a distribution license) and I'm thinking I should out a new field in "person" and link back to the distributor table. this just doesn't seem right to me. will that work? is it good practice? or am i barking up the wrong tree completely?
    also the business - person and cardholder - person relationships should be 1-1 but I can't find where to change that?

    the EXACT problem I'm currently trying to work on is the person who sold the card gets a small % of each sale so I'm trying to find out who that was when given only RecSwipe_CardNo.

    oh and any other thing that looks completely wrong let me know too

    and please be nice I got an A for database development but then I did the whole "i'm gonna be a network engineer I don't need to remember that....." and now I'm regretting it lol
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