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    Question Unanswered: Simple Trigger Question..

    Hey All,
    Can somebody please tell me how to do something?

    I want to create a trigger that is run every time a record is inserted into a particular table. This is easy.

    What I want is to fire the trigger from an insert on 1 table and do somthing on another.

    so In my case i have

    create or replace trigger decrement_available
    after insert
    on BOOKING
    so basicaly I have a foreign key in the record just entered into the BOOKING table. I want to then find the referenced record (using the foreign key in the record just entered) and modify something in that record.

    so I guess so basic pseudo code would be such

    before (or after) insert record on BOOKING table
    Find record of the foreign key in the TOY table
    Modify a field in that record to subtract it by one.

    I know this should be so simple but I cant find ANY good material in books or internet with syntax etc for triggers. Lots of info on how they work etc.. :-( :-(

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