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    Unanswered: Update DB2 Z/os from MS SQL database

    Hello DBAs, I would like to update a table in Mainframe DB2 (V9) base on a SELECT statement on MS SQL server table and would like some advice please.

    1. Does DB2 connect is mandatory for this purpose ? If so db2connect server or db2 connect client is the way ?

    2. Can I use db2 data sever client 9.7 instead . I have installed db2 client on my PC and managed to talk to Mainframe DB2. Can I do somthing similar, install db2 client on Windows server and update the mainframe db2 table by a SELECT from a SQL server ? If I can't do this can you please tell me why it doesn't work ?

    Thanks for the advice.

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    (1) yes: DB2 on z/OS can *only* be connected to directly from MS-Windows when (a) there is a locally installed DB2 for LUW, and (b) DB2 connect is present.
    Of course, one could work with a "gateway" with the above configuration, and connect to the gateway from an other machine without DB2 connect.

    (2) if you were able to talk to DB2 from your db2 client, there must be a DB2 connect somewhere in the middle.
    --_Peter Vanroose,
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