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    Unanswered: Advice on new app

    i have to write a new vb app connected to an sql server. the app must run on 8 computers looking for advice on where to start. as i have never connected vb to sql before i have a little vb programming knowledge. i also have 3 months to do this.

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    Are we talking classic VB or VB.Net?

    What version of MS SQL?

    What are the requirements around security of the application etc?

    Can we assume you are doing this as a windows app not a web app?

    Your biggest problem would be to manage concurrent users. Basically you need to avoid having the changes from one user overwriting the changes from another user.

    Are you competant with database design?

    What sort of database are you referring to eg. order management, bug tracking? What size?

    More info will get you more targeted answers.

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    Hi , i have many experience in Network Database Programming

    i'm intrested to help

    can we use SQL server ?? or it sould be MS Access ?
    SQL Server is better for doing this especially you have 8 computer

    i'm waiting your Email :

    Start Your project , i'll write your Database Connection

    Thank You

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