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    Unanswered: Crawlt_attack issue. Help !

    I have just migrated my website (Mon Paris pas cher - Le site de tous les bons plans à Paris !) from to At the point where I needed to restore ny sql database It was only partly restored with the fillowing message on the screen :

    Requête SQL: ----Contenu de la table `crawlt_attack` --INSERT INTO `crawlt_attack` (`id_attack`, `attack`, `script`, `type`) VALUES (1, 'tpl_pgb_moddir=', 'PostGuestbook (PHP-Nuke module)', 'css'), (2, 'vwar_root=', 'Virtual War', 'css'), (3, 'mosConfig_absolute_path=', 'JoomlaPack (Joomla module)', 'css'), (4, 'mosConfig_absolute_path=', 'ExtCalendar (Mambo module)', 'css'), (5, 'mosConfig_absolute_path=', 'CropImage (Mambo module)', 'css'), (6, 'CONFIG_EXT[ADMIN_PATH]=', 'JoomlaPack (Joomla module)', 'css'), (7, 'CONFIG_EXT[ADMIN_PATH]=', 'ExtCalendar (Mambo module)', 'css'), (8, 'CONFIG_EXT[ADMIN_PATH]=', 'CropImage (Mambo module)', 'css'), (9, 'path[docroot]=', 'Comdev Forum', 'css'), (10, 'root=', 'Advanced Login', 'css'), (11, 'basepath=', 'PhpMyCms', 'css'), (12, 'body=', 'ZPanel', 'css'), (13, 'page=', 'ZPanel', 'css'), (14, 'page=', 'ISS Proventia GX5008', 'css'), (15, 'page=', 'ISS Proventia GX5108', 'css'), (16, 'css'), (15, 'page=', 'ISS Proventia GX5108', 'css'), (16, 'dir_module=', 'XFsection (Xoops module)', 'css'), (17, 'context[path_[...] MySQL a répondu: #1062 -Duplicate entry '1' for key 'PRIMARY'

    hostpapa support advised ne to clean up my sql database but i have no knowledgz of sql and am afraid to mess up with my site. So i need some expert advice from sql experts ;-)

    Thank you

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    what the error message is telling you is that you have a duplicate entry, ie you are trying to write the same piece of information twice when there is a unique index forbidding that. often that means the primary key, but could apply to any key which is set to unique. its even telling you its (17, 'context[path_... and I'd guess its going to be the context[path bit, although to be fair it could be the 17 as we don't know the structure of your table nor the index definitions

    so either you have a data error or you have changed something in the design of your database between the old and the new system. as a first point of call I'd check what has changed between the two versions
    then Id want to check my data to see if or why there are duplicates
    chec,k your table to see if there is already a row containing 17 and or context[path_
    after that I'd want to start looking at the crawl_track forum as soemone there may well be able to help you with this problem
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