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    Unanswered: Divission in sql when case statement is involved

    Here is one new problem. I have 2 calculated fields and they are ratios ex: a/b and c/d. When i am calculating it i used 'CASE WHEN b=0 then outputcolumn = 0 else a/b END' similarly
    'CASE WHEN d=0 then outputcolumn = 0 else c/d END '. Now i want to subtract these 2 calculated fields and get one more calculated field. How can I do that? Can anybody help me in this issue?

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    You can either carry them out as a subquery, which will involve a performance hit, or try
    (CASE WHEN b=0 THEN 0 ELSE a/b) - (CASE WHEN d=0 THEN 0 ELSE c/d)
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