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    Red face Oracle 11g installation problem in Oracle VM VirtualBox (Linux)

    Oracle 11g installation problem in Oracle VM VirtualBox (Linux)


    I've attended the training on 11g admin i in my school and still confused about installation. My tutor asked me to copy the ".vdi" file from my school and import into my home pc for practice.

    He said in order to practice at home, have to do the following.

    1. Grid Infrastructure
    2. Oracle Software
    3. Oracle Database

    I already installed Oracle VM Virtual Box and imported the ".vdi" file (In Linux). Does this vdi file include all the 3 items above? My vdi file size about 30G. Currently, i can't access Enterprise management, dbconsole. Please help me ASAP as i need to practice for my exam, which is in 4 days. Thanks millions

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    so why not go back to your tutor and ask what you need to do?
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    It takes about 1 week to get answer from Oracle in singapore. By the time, it is already exam day. That's why.

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