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    Question Unanswered: Issue with Isolation Level 0 and tempoary tables


    I have table in sybase which is named as test ( which also has a unique index on it)

    I am trying to do the below in 1st Session

    Begin tran
    update test

    ( now as I am not doing a commit or rollback so there is a lock)

    in the second session:

    ************ the below works fine******************
    set transaction isolation level 0

    select * from test


    but if I use a temp table then it gets hung up until I commit/rollback the first session

    select *
    into #temp
    from test

    Is there any workaround for setting isolation level 0 and getting dirty data in a temp table?

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    I have figured that using a cursor helps in this case.

    First create a cursor for a select (at isolation read uncommitted)

    and then fetch the data of the cursor in a temp table...
    in this way we would be able to catch the uncommitted data in a temp table.

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