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    I have a strange question relating to an Access Report.

    I have a DB that contains our General Ledger Chart of Accounts for all of our departments there is over 100 departments.

    Is it possible to export a single report in Rich Text and have it somehow break into seperate files based on the Department or even teh responsible manager or would you actually have to run them individually.

    I need an easy way to run out a chart of accounts for each department but I need to be able to send them via email but only the department the person needs.

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    This should get you started:

    Emailing a different report to each recipient

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    Thanks for this, however it's a bit over my head. I don't understand SQL which this is and I don't know what aspects of the code I would need to change for my particular database.

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    If PB's link is outside your scope - then you might need to find assistance on this or consider a different approach. i.e. give an Front End to the managers that they log in and look at their own report...go web forms so they browse to find their own report.....or email out 1 report and they need to find their own page......
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