I have set up a backup job via Enterprise Manager (10g) and would like to have notifications for the job (all available options). I have added the smtp settings and my e-mail address. I receive the test mail as expected so those settings seem to be in order.

I have set up a notification schedule (always) and created a new rule
(Notification Test).

The new rule has as job information all job selected:
Job Type: All Job Types
Job Name: %
Job Owner: All Owners
Job Status: Scheduled, Started, Suspended, Succeeded, Problem

But I still don't receive any notification.

If I schedule a new job (Os Command or whatever) and check the Notification options I also do not get any notification. Does anyone have an idea why I don't receive any notification or how I can get a notification?

(update: I also tried the job_notification.sql option, but the strange thing is that I can't seem to find the backup jobs anywhere (not on the targets itself neither on the Enterprise Manager with the query: select schedule_name from dba_scheduler_jobs

Does anyone have an idea what I could try? Thanks in advance.