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    Unanswered: Cannot Change the table design

    I have been hired recently by a department which has only 1 IT/Computer person (I am the only one now).
    They have a very old, dirty database and now they required some change in the website and collect some more data, so I need to add a few columns to one of the tables in the database.

    But as soon as I try to go into Design View of that table it says I dont have the permissions to modify the design of the table.

    So, I go into user and permissions and try to give myself the administer rights, doesn't let me do that either, says that I can't change the permissions.

    So, I go on everyone's desk i.e everyone who uses (messes up) the database. Nobody has the permission to change any permissions.

    I check the owner of that table, it is "unknown". This is the case with many other tables. So, does it mean there is no way I can change the design of any of these tables?

    I also tried to create a new database and import everything into it, but it doesn't let me import those tables either. I guess I am more or less stuck.
    Nobody here has any idea who is the owner and how to change any permissions, so its all upto me to fix things.

    Please suggest a solution if it exists. I just want to be able to add a few columns to the table.

    I am a total noob with MS Access.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sushant.singh View Post
    So, does it mean there is no way I can change the design of any of these tables?
    Basically yes, unfortunately. There are some tools on the market that allow to recover a password protected database (or to reset its passwords) but I don't know any free system capable of achieving that goal.

    However I never use the security features of Access and there probably are more skilled people than me in this domain.
    Have a nice day!

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    No, there are no passwords. Just the permissions.
    I imported the data into a new database, and some things have started working. Only the ones for which I did not even have read permission were not imported.

    But, unfortunately, I am unable to import the switchboard. If I can do that, then I am all done !

    Can you tell me how to import the switchboard?
    I imported everything I could import, but the switchboard did not come over.

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    import the data, then create a new switchboard
    forget where the swicthboard stuffs its data but 'all' you need is the data and a new switchboard.

    probably best to create a new (blank) switchboard, then import the data to overwrite that blank switchboard
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