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    Unanswered: ODBC Link From Access Not Showing Tables

    When I try to use the ODBC wizard in Access 2010 to link to tables in SQL Server 2005 Express, I can only see what appears to be system type tables. The SQl date tables are not listed in the dialog box for me to select from. I set up a DSN for the SQL tables. They are valid tables because I can go into SQL directly and work with the tables. I can also link to them via Excel. Both Access and SQL are in the same PC and I am the only user.

    Why is my Access ODBC linking wizard not listing the SQL data tables?

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    Totally guess here but... have you correctly specified your database or are you defaulting to the master database some how??

    Are you connecting as a specific user or trusted authentication?

    What is the default database for the user you are connecting as?

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