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    Unanswered: Unknown error -17

    The following error pops up randomly in my web application. The Application is written in C# and I use the Pervasive.Data.SqlClient.dll to connect to the Pervasive database. In this case I was using v. 3.2 of the dll to connect to a v11 Pervasive Database. I Use a perfectly valid SQL Statement and a PsqlConnection then a PsqlCommand which loads the result into a DataSet. Anyone know if there exists a documentation about error -17?

    Error in RunQuery Select * from EmployeeProperties where PropertyName='MyMenLastPage' and RecId=3781 err is: Pervasive.Data.SqlClient.PsqlException: Pervasive.Data.SqlClient.Lna.l: Unknown error : -17 at Pervasive.Data.SqlClient.Lna.q.b(t A_0) at Pervasive.Data.SqlClient.Lna.v.a(String A_0, p A_1, ab A_2, d A_3, Boolean A_4) at Pervasive.Data.SqlClient.PsqlCommand.a(Boolean A_0, CommandBehavior A_1, Boolean A_2) at Pervasive.Data.SqlClient.PsqlCommand.ExecuteReader (CommandBehavior behavior) at CCData.returnPervasiveDataSet(String sql)

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    Haven't seen that error before. When you get the error, what do you do to resolve it? Does re-executing the query work or do you have to restart the application or the PSQL engines?
    WHen you get the error, can you execute the same query through PCC or ODBC Test and does it throw any errors?
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