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    Unanswered: Inability to use two selection criteria to set a combo box in a form

    Please l am having difficulty generating a selection combo box that has two criteria obtained from the main form and filter the data in a sub-form that has a long list of inform for different period.

    Basically, what l am trying to do is to generate a fund allocation form for five departments. I ran a query summarizing the their total budget amount per month.
    Then, this form l am having difficulty with, should populate the their budget total and particular month of transaction, it also, contains a sub-form displaying the budgeted line items and their cost for that month when you select the department and transaction month from a combo box.

    But, the combo box l generated could only select the department, even when l used two criteria to create the master and child link.

    Could someone be of assistance to me?

    Thanks for your support and assistance in advance.

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    Please post the VBA code and/or SQL statement that cause problem as well as pertinent information (names of the object in use, structure and type of the data, etc.). Your description does not provide enough details to give a helpful answer.

    Have a nice day!

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