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    Unanswered: ACCESS '07 - refer to a control on another subform

    Strangest thing - I have myself with 2 m/f's open, each has a s/f - and they are sharing information

    so, 1 m/f opens the 2 m/f
    and 2 s/f pulls data from 1 m/f - it is not data entry it is only getting it's data and closing

    I need 2 s/f to get data from 1 s/f also - but nothing happens

    1 m/f = (query) RequestAcct011411
    1 s/f = (table) RQTsf
    2 m/f = (table) RequestAcctmfREGupdate
    2 s/f = (table) RequestAcctsfREGupdate

    here is the code:
    Private Sub Form_Current()
    Me.RDate = [Forms]![RequestAcct011411]![RQTsf].Form!Text20
    Me.STATLU = [Forms]![RequestAcct011411]![STATLU]
    Me.SLU = [Forms]![RequestAcct011411]![SLU]
    Me.SLU2 = [Forms]![RequestAcct011411]![SLU2]
    Me.RNOTES = [Forms]![RequestAcct011411]![RQTsf].Form!Combo24

    End Sub

    Now, when I go into the table for 2 s/f - the new record is there and the m/f data that I asked for in the code
    RDate is todays date (how?)
    RNOTES is blank

    Can someone help me to call to those controls on another open subform? can it be done?

    thank you!

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    2 m/f's s/f 2 s/f table for 2 s/f

    Maybe this will help: Refer to Form and Subform properties and controls
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