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Thread: Menu Bar Issue

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    Unanswered: Menu Bar Issue

    We have a shared application on a server that has a custon Menu Bar when opened. It sets the menu bar when the application launches using a Macro.

    I have one location, and just on one machine, where it is not loading this menu bar. I have checked the setting and all seem to be in order, yet even though the program is set to load this menu, this one machine will not load it.

    Any suggestions?

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    well 2 things; a shared db must be split, with everyone operating their own FE. the FE goes on their PC and links to the common BE. And even though it works on all the PCs to date and is definitely not the reply you want - - - unfortunately without this configuration many types of behavior problem may be experienced and all bets are off....and so it may not make a difference but I would take a minute to split the db and try.

    having said that; is by chance the non operating PC a different and newer version of Access?.... if it is 07 or later then of course the ribbon is now the issue at hand as the menu bar is no longer used...just a thought....

    hope this is somewhat helpful......
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    i must agree with NTC, what kind of database do you use, in built access or do you use SQL or the likes?

    have you tried building the menu using VBA? this is what i use myself and have had no trouble with pc or access version?

    please more detail on the specs of the app?

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