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    Unanswered: Barcode database project seller

    I need to make small shop with bar-code scanner system.
    I have entered all my items in table.
    my need now I want to start sell it.
    i made form i want when put that item with scanner read it and show to me
    the quantity i have and sell price.

    My filed names:
    barcodeno (type:text)
    quantity (number)
    sell price(number)

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    are you planning on printing your own barcodes (so you print your own labels with the code reflecting your product number or are you going to use the suppliers barcode labels)

    in reality you will probably have to do both (ie use the pre-supplied and therefore guaranteed unique supplier barcodes and print some for any products which don't have barcodes, or have bnarcodes you cannot scan.

    as top what the problem you have is I don't know, you've not actually said where you are stuck.
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    Add to stock and then sell

    First Thanks for u,
    Friend my plan is that

    -My problem I made my sell form i want when I put scanner and read barcode immediately make search and show below

    see attached file

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    i am send my database with details info

    Friend so sorry for that,when u will see seller form then in that there is filed call barcode.
    i will put scanner reader in that filed i will search for barcode and give price,in case not find i want massage appear not found that item
    database inattached file
    Attached Files Attached Files

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