After 12 hours of spinning my wheels I figured I'd finally ask for some advice on this one.

I have a hard drive give to me that is a ghost from original SAS drive to USB Flash drive. I need to get the old postgres 8.4 db running that was on this hard drive.

Unfortunately the boot partition was created on another sector, not one of which can be read during boot otherwise I would boot off of it and be done.

So this leaves me in a position where the easiest solution is to use the data directory that 8.4 was using and migrate this data to a new instance.

I installed 8.4 locally on Ubuntu, and created a new tablespace, and then refreshed. Copied over the data directory contents to the new tablespace data directory and then created a new database that uses the new tablespace.

Lastly i rebooted, and connected with pgadmin. Everything looks good other than ALL the data missing. No connectivity or permissions issues... but no data either...

Any guidance would be appreciated!