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    Talking Unanswered: how to copy a database from the server to a standalone PC?

    Hello frnds ,

    This is my first time in dbforms,let me tell u my situation. I am new to this sql server stuff , my experience comes with the help of some of my frnds and also with googling and youtube.I dont know anything about sql commands or queries ,till now i had worked with the general User Interface.Now i'm coming to my question

    I have sql server in my server machine which uses the database named "sdinfinity".I need to send a machine to one of my company store to work as a stand alone pc . So i installed sql server inside that machine.What i want to do is to copy that database(sdinfinity) to the sql server in the standalone Pc,so that the people in the stores can work on this database .And later i can make a replication so that the updates at the store can be brought to the main database in my server machine through a vpn connection.I would also like to know if i copy the database, could the users inside the copied database still work ,ie can the users login on the new machine on which the database has been copied?How can i check if the databse is working correctly with sql server.

    I use sql server 2000.

    Thnx in Advance

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    You can use backup and restore to copy the database. Users will be copied, but logins will not. There is a difference....Users are at the database level, while logins are at the Database Server level.

    You will need to decide which logins you want to port over, and then script those out to apply to the destination server before you restore the database. Or, you can just add them manually if there are not too many.
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