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    Unanswered: Mysql AutoInc & C# data column AutoInc. sync problem

    dear sir

    now i have a problem and searched a lot and did not find any working solution ,

    now i have table with ID column which Primary Key & Auto Increment
    now if the current ID is 5 and i enter a row then i deleted it , so the next new ID should be 7 not 6 OK but the VS 2005 C# after using databinding.addnew() the c# get the last ID which 5 and inc. it by one so it will be 6 not 7 so how the sync between Mysql Autoinc & C# autoinc

    mysql autoinc. is normal and but the problem now in C# , the next new ID must be same in c# and mysql , i use also such ID in a linked table so the reuslt for example ID in Mysql is 6 but the ID generated in the c# is 5 and it stored in the linked table as 5 although in real it is 6 and no record with ID 5

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    this does not appear to be a mysql problem | @rudydotca
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