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    Red face Unanswered: How to copy a replicated database?

    Guys i need to know how i can copy database which has replication enabled on it to another pc .Both of the machines have sql server 2000 installed on it.I would also like to keep the login for the not much familier with sql commands and queries ,is there a way to do it without using queries?

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    Arrange for some time that updates can be stopped for.
    Set up distribution on the new home for the database (assuming that the original has a local distributor).
    At that time, stop replication, and using Enterprise Manager, generate a script of the publication.
    Backup the database, copy it over to the new server and restore.
    Run the script generated above (making sure to change any reference to the old machine).
    For the users, look up sp_addlogin in books online. There should be an example of creating a login with a given SID (Security IDentifier).

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