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    Unanswered: 2010 Save Database As Not Working

    I support an Access 2003 database for a friend and I have Access 2010 (64bit Womdpws 7). After completing the updates and when I try to save a copy as a 2003 file, I get the same message everytime;
    "You attempted to open a database that is already open by user Admin on kensdesktop-pc. Try again when the database is available". I click OK but a 2003 mdb is not created! I have also tried to save the accdb as a 2000 version but get the same message. The update to the mdb file was very basic and did not include any of 2010 features that do not exist in 2003.
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    try saving to a different name as a 2003 db
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    Version Save is not working

    Tried using different names and different save as versions. It still wont save a copy because the db is open. If i close it the save as function is not available.
    Thanks for the suggestion.

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