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    Unanswered: Exporting to text file of varied but fixed width columns

    Hi all,

    I am not familiar with DB2, I live in the land of php and mysql and have come here hoping some fine folk could suggest a solution to the following. I have been searching but either I'm not using the correct terminology or this task isn't one that cause others' grief, because I can't seen to get close to a solution.

    I have a client that requires text file output of select data presented as a series of fixed width columns.

    For example the csv version of the output would look something like this:


    However I need to produce the output as

    john smith 23 staples street

    where the first column is a total of 10 characters wide and john consumes the first four and the remaining 6 are space characters.
    where the second column is a total of 20 characters and smith consumes the first five and the remaining 15 are space characters.

    The database is DB2 v8 on Windows Server 2008

    I am hoping for a SELECT / EXPORT style query that will produce the output in one step, but I'd be equally happy with a .csv file manipulation solution.

    Would anyone have any advice on how to achieve the fixed width output by any method?

    Thanks in advance,

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    export to myfile.txt of del 
     modified by nochardel 
      cast('john' as char(10)) || 
      cast('smith' as char(20)) || 
      etc etc
     from mytable

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    Thank you.
    I had suspected cast might be involved.
    I'll put it to use immediately and see how I go.

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