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    Unanswered: is restore is possible only from online backup???

    hi all,

    actually i have one doubt,
    we have scheduled crontab for daily online TSM backup for testdb
    now i have offline image(2 years before taken) for testdb in /home/db2inst1
    i need to perform cleaning activity for /home/db2inst1 (because it is almost 95% filled)
    can i delelte that offline image??
    while restore activity , only online image is enough?? or i need offline image also??
    pls provide me some guidance........

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    You can restore an online backup if it includes the logs that were active during the backup. This can be specified with the INCLUDE LOGS keyword when the online backup is taken (which is the default in 9.5+, but not the default in V8). You run the backup check utility to find out if logs are included in your backup (see Command Reference manual).
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