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    Looking for a DB tool for my needs


    I'm a complete noob in all related to DB, thus I will be thankful if you could siggest a pc software or an online service which can meet my needs.

    I looking for a toll that will allow me to create a simple buyer/seller matching.
    For example:
    I'll have 2 forms types (each containing many entries)-
    1 - Cars form - which will include these fields:
    Car's make
    Car's year
    Car's color
    2 - Clients form - which will include:
    Client name
    required car's make
    required car's year
    required car's color

    I want to then be able to run a report that will compare if any of the fields match and then produce a report that shows which Car entries can fit a specific client.

    Is there a tool/service that can give me this functionality without requiring any coding skills?

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    There may be a tool which does what you want without any coding, but apart from the snake oil salesmen there's none that I'm aware of.

    the closest you are going to get to in my books is going to be Access or simialr such as Filemaker which injtegrate a user interface AND data stroage mechanism in one. Of the two my recommendation would be Access, but I've been using Access since version 2 dating back to 93 or 94, so I will admit I am biassed in that area.

    Access will do most of the grunt work but you will still have to design your tables forsm and reports. the design is usually drag and drop controls onto the design surface.

    your biggest stumbling block is going to be designing the database bit, which requires a lot more thought to be successful than designing a form or report
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    Hey Ranienter,

    Better late than never... I think DataBlaster fits the bill, it is an online data migration tool that will enable you to perform online data migrations...

    it's still under development but you can check out the features and signup to get notified when it's ready.

    full disclosure: I am authoring DataBlaster, feel free to contact me personally

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