I have a macro that opens a form with subform. I have the macro then go to control (subform) and then to a control on the subform. This is all fine but then I ask it to SetValue in a different control on the subform and I get "The object doesn't contain the automation object (fieldname). If I use a macro and only go to the first control and then have another macro in that field that works on exit to SetValue on the same control, it works but not when I have it all contained in the first macro. I have placed the entire syntax in the item box of the SetValue as follows:

forms![receive ra order]![receive ra order (sub)].[form].[qtyrecdt]
forms![receive ra order]![receive ra order (sub)]![qtyrecdt]

Neither of these change the error. Does anyone have any idea what I could try to SetValue of the QTYRECDT field to Date().