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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Need some advice on work project!

    Hi, my name is Yanis,
    I work for a small company based in North London. We deal with IT & CCTV.
    We have a POS Terminal working on MySQL. We currently use it only for receipts. However I want to expand it by creating a module that writes down new orders, gives them a tracking number, which can later be used on our website to find out the progress of the order.
    I also need a certain already existing database. Basically when we take laptops for repair, we need to write down the model number. I need a field in which when I write "Satellite L" and then all the models from the L family would come on a droplist, so I can choose easily. My question is - what would be the best tools to create such a module and where to find a database that has most laptop models (not only toshiba, but all brands).

    Thanks in advance.

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    The database can be expanded to include other tables in which you can store whatever information you would like. However, it is your application that accesses the database that you would need to verify that it be enhanced to accommodate the changes in the database. If it cannot then think about writing your own mini app (web based) just for this functionality. The easiest and most documented way of developing web based solutions is using PHP and MySQL. Other alternative development platforms include Ruby, JSP...
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