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Thread: JOIN problem

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    Unanswered: JOIN problem

    On a shared document system, I have a table which has three fields: pageid, editid, and userid. Each user may edit any page zero or more times.

    I want to find all pages in which user 1 and user 2 have both edited, and get a list of all the revisions they made on these pages. The output should be sorted by page ID and look like this:

    pageid editid userid
    12 143 1
    12 155 2
    12 189 2
    17 100 1
    17 104 2
    17 105 1
    17 199 1

    I tried this query but it is very slow, and it doesn't actually find the "mututal" pages:

    SELECT editid FROM revision WHERE pageid IN (SELECT DISTINCT pageid FROM revision WHERE userid IN (1,2) ORDER BY pageid);

    What is an efficient query?
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    I am not sure whether this is going to give the correct answer. The WHERE userid IN (1,2) is basically where userid = 1 OR userid = 2.

    Try this:

    SELECT rev_id FROM revision WHERE pageid IN (SELECT pageid FROM revision WHERE userid IN (1,2) GROUP BY pageid HAVING COUNT(*) = 2);
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    Thank you for your reply. Your query doesn't list the common pages either.

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    Never mind, I found the solution myself.

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