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    Unanswered: automated email sent from records in form


    I have a form that contains print job information. I would like a command button on the form that will send print charge information to our companies finance department when a job is complete. I want the email to be sent from Microsoft Access. The email will always go to the same person, the email subject will always be the same, and the body of the email would come from the following fields;
    CustomerName; Department; NumPrints; PrintSize; CostCode. (which i have put into a query)

    Ideally i would like this process to be fully automated. But at the moment i will settle for anything.

    I have looked at alot of code, which i have tried to slot into my own data but nothing is working. Im finding the code quite confusing?

    Could anyone please help?


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    I think you're looking for a product like Total Access Emailer from FMS: Microsoft Access Email sent from your Access Databases with PDF Reports, data, HTML and text

    It lets you send customized emails from a list of contacts and replace values in your messages with values from your table. You can also attach reports filtered to each person.

    It runs as an add-in. It can also run from a VBA function, so you can automate the email blast from a button or macro. There's a free demo: Email from Microsoft Access: Total Access Emailer Free Trial Version Download

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    Here's some more code but you don't have too do much.

    You just need to change the name of the SMTP server and then call the function from somewhere in your code.

    You just need to pass it the email addresses for the To and From, the subject line, body and a filename (full path) if you want to include an attachment.


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