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    Unanswered: On Open event VBA?

    hello. i'm trying to write VBA code that will prompt a dialog box upon opening an access report. i want the dialog box to enable me to select a name from a list of sales agents & view the appropriate information for that agent.

    i just registered on this site and this is my 1st post. i anticipate that i will learn tons on this site, so thank you very much in advance to all the gurus out there!

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    because you want to select a name from a list of sales agents, one can not use a messagebox. what you want to research is setting it up using a form, but make that form into a popup form (which is a form property).

    Hope this helps.
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    I'd suggest a better technique is to have a form which calls the report, and passes the appropriate values to the report. on advantage of this approach is that you can validate the user requests and be donfident the parameters are valid... eg select a specific customer or date range and so on.

    when doing report suites I tend to use a form to allow the user to define what parameters they want to use then another form which acts as the menu which calls the report passing the appropriate parameters as a filter in the open report arguments. having one form act as the menu means that once you've set the parameters they are consistent for the rest of the report run, or the user can run several reports changing whats needed. ferinstance I've seen users specify a date range then use that same date range for different customers, or specify a single customer and run different date ranges.
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