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    Unanswered: Database running too slow

    please I have my report that will be due in the next 5 hours and I am not sure what to do with the database running too slow..

    I have downloaded data from my billing system for the month of Nov,2011 and the record count is around 10,000,000 records.
    When downloading, it only took less than two minutes but when I tried to do the summary for the total charges (revenue) for that month on Oracle toad tool using a different connection(connection that contain the downloaded data in VIEWS) it is so slow...Is something wrong with my new connection server????
    Please help me!!!

    Thank you in advance

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    Views? They don't contain any data, they are just stored SELECT statements. If data is in another database (so you use database links to access it), performance *might* suffer. Perhaps you could create MATERIALIZED VIEWS instead, index them properly and see what happens.

    Though, what is the reason that you didn't do that job in the "original" schema (i.e. user that owns the data)?

    (Also, I guess it is a typo - it is not Nov 2011 but some other, previous year).

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    I can't use the original database because I developed an application that takes out the call types and further break them into sub call types which these sub call types are not recognized by the original database. I create function to do that in the schema that I am using..One of my friend suggested that it must be because of the size of the data and since the function has to go through each of them,it would take quiet a while..

    Thank you so much and I'll try and look into your suggested solution

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