I need to run a macro that will, based on a cell value G6, copy and paste content of a tab and save the file in a given directory, after which it will close the master file. The saving part i have figured out, but i can not come to a good
resolution on conditions and connecting the whole thing together. I have produced terrible mess myself lol, and basically am looking for someone who can sort it out So - I am looking to have a macro that will use conditions - so if cell is A, then copy& save tab A, if its B, then B, if C then C. The master file will be closed automatically once the copy is saved.

More info:

If cell G6 in Tab 1 says "Regus",i want the macro to copy & paste tab 2 to a new sheet in a folder New Offices, naming it "Regus_Office_[today's date]"
If cell G6 in Tab 1 says "Small", copy & paste tab 3 to a given folder, naming it "Small_Office_[today's date]"
If cell G6 in Tab 1 says "Medium", copy & paste tab 4 to a folder, naming the new workbook "Medium_Office_[today's date]"

Ranges for content that the macro should pick up and paste per condition:
Tab 1 is called Start Here and has only one cell macro should be reading - G6
Tab 2 ( called REGUS) C2:F20
Tab 3 ( Small) C3:F69
Tab 4 (Medium) C3:F81

Mastersheet is called Kitlist Master.. I am using Excel 2010, but most of the users will use 2007. I can also provide a copy of the sheet, if that helps??

Can anyone help me please, pretty please?