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    Red face Unanswered: Change Query Time Out - Informix 9.4 Odbc

    Lately the application is throwing "Time Out" error when it executes a Query, the time out is about 15 seconds. I don´t have access to the source code, but I think it can be configure it via Odbc, how can I change the environment variable query time out in the odbc?

    Thanks a lot!!!

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    Change Query Time Out - Informix 9.4 Odbc

    Odbc does not have a query timeout, just the connection timeout. Depending on the application they should have a configuration file, if not then it would need to be set in the application.

    One similar case is with Microsoft Access has a query timeout of 30 seconds under Access options.

    Also if you have accesses to the database, ie telnet, then run the query directly in dbaccess or have the DBA run the query with set explain on. Possibly over time the query is handling more data so now it will not run in 15 seconds.

    If the above does not help you may want to contact the software vendor for help.

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