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    I have a database of SQL Server metadata (objects, columns, etc) stored in a SQL Server 2008 database with an MS Access data project front end.

    I need to be able to map columns in one database to columns in another database. So, I have a list of the columns for a table, and I want to be able to show the columns from another table and "link" them, recording the information in one of the metadata tables.

    None of the standard MS Access controls seem to be doing the trick for me. Can anyone suggest a few of the non-standard controls that might be appropriate? Or a good online resource that lists them and describes what they do?

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    Generally speaking, not having a standard control does not mean that you cannot create one from what's available in Access. It's rather easy (provided you are skilled in VBA) to create a Class Module (or several) with specific properties and methods and bind an instance of such a class to a form or to a control.

    I'm not sure to understand what precisely you're trying to achieve (the "link" part is obscure to me), can you provide a short example?
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