Trying to decide the best method here.

I have a search form that passes a customer ID number to an input form and pre-populates the ID field on the input form. I have a button that looks up demographic data from a database and displays it on the input form. The input form is opened in Add mode from the DoCMD.openform code on the original search page.

On the Input form I have a subform that displays related records for this customer ID. These related records are added on a third (service) form (there's some filters and processes on this form that would just not fit on the subform). The user gets to this Service form from a button on the Input form. Everything works fine. However, when a user closes the service form they are returned to a blank input form (I guess it's still in Add only mode). I want them to return to the Input form and see the client record they just created. Would it be possible to change the Input form mode before leaving it?