A minimum of 8+ years experience in the technology industry with a Bachelors Degree in engineering/science related field (EE, CS, Math, IT, Physics)
Strong Java/J2EE programming experience
Strong Unix and shell scripting background
MySQL performance tuning experience desired
System administration and networking knowledge is a plus
Knowledge of vmstat, top, sar and other system performance troubleshooting utilities
Understanding of load testing and performance profiling tools such as Grinder (preferred), JMeter (preferred), JProbe, Jprofiler
Perl, Python, Jython, C/C++ programming exposure is a plus
Technical knowledge and understanding of client/server and distributed systems architecture including load balancers, firewalls, storage arrays etc.

Perform in-depth performance/scalability analysis of java based applications
Perform Java VM tuning, optimize memory, garbage collection and other settings
Perform Application Server tuning, thread counts, pool sizes, transaction settings, EJB settings etc.
Write custom scripts in Grinder/JMeter/Other that exercise our B2B XML based API's
Design and run repeatable tests to measure response times and system characteristics
Perform extensive end to end system analysis and generate comprehensive reports summarizing findings and recommendations including trending and forecasting
Analyze production traffic to understand user and system behavior, incorporate applicable scenarios in to test cycles
Help improve the quality of our products and services by reducing or eliminating unplanned outages, defects, problems and increasing reliability, availability and performance
This position is within the Prod Dev Naming organization, specifically the Performance & Scalability (P&S) team. Provides technical expertise in the tuning, testing and scaling all aspects of the key applications we build and maintain.


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